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Given the proper care, a professionally painted watercolor framed with UV-filtering glass or acrylic should last for many generations without any sign of deterioration.


Consider historical watercolor paintings found in major museums; they were created using materials far less archival than those used today. Professional watercolor paints and papers have made huge advancements over the years. As a professional artist, I’m especially particular about using only the best products, such as:


  • Professional-grade, 100% rag cotton fiber (pH Neutral & acid free) watercolor paper.  

  • Professional-grade watercolor paints with extremely high lightfast levels.  

  • Painting processes free of any chemicals that would compromise the archival nature of the piece.



Is there anything special I should do to make sure that my artwork doesn’t fade or deteriorate over the years?


Yes - There are several precautions you should take with any piece of art:


  • Always use white cotton gloves when handling unframed artwork.  Natural oils in skin can compromise its archival quality. If gloves are not available, try to touch only the side edges.

  • When framing requires glass, always use UV-filtering glass or acrylic.  Although it’s more expensive, UV-filtering glazes can increase the life of your artwork by 75 years or more. 

  • Make sure artwork mats, mounting boards, and adhesives are all archival.

  • Never place any fine art where it will be exposed to direct sunlight or extreme humidity.

  • Avoid placing artwork directly under fluorescent lighting for extended periods of time.


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