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Improving Your Brush Confidence & Agility

Course Trailer and Images

I recommend watching the trailer as it give you a good overview of what to expect.

About the Class

"Once again a stunning course. I have learnt so much about using brush strokes and ink to convey different effects. I will definitely pursue this form of art as a hobby." - Jennifer F.

This is a hands-on brush manipulation training class for artists working in any medium and at any skill level.

  • 2 Hours of Lecture

  • 26 Student Activities (Downloadable)

This skill-building course uses the permanence of ink and the fast absorption of unsized paper to teach you how to paint more confidently and to use your brush in a more creative, strategic way. Although working with ink throughout most of the class, you can then translate the information learned to your chosen painting medium.

The course begins with an overview of ink and how it performs on rice paper. We then practice painting forms, pushing our minds on how we can best convey the form in the least amount of strokes. After that, we mimic simple paintings as a way to apply the brushwork and learn about the use of white space in a composition.

Next, we interpret photographs of scenes, and then add a single color, carefully gauging the color’s impact and placement within the scene. The course ends with two activities intended to help you apply what you've learned to your primary painting medium.

By the time you finish this course, you should notice an improvement in your brush handling, feel more confident when you stroke the brush, be better able to eliminate unnecessary details, and more aptly simplify forms.


  • Introduction & History

  • Supplies and Set Up

  • Ink Basics

  • Object Practice

  • Applying the Brushwork

  • Interpreting Scenes

  • Adding a Single Color

  • Other Painting Mediums

  • Implementation

  • Final Thoughts

Course Outline

Lecture Preview: Interpreting the Scene

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