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The Watercolor Process

Course Trailer and Images

I recommend watching the trailer as it give you a good overview of what to expect.

About the Class

  • Over 4 hours of Video Content

  • Over 15 Student Activities plus Multiple Student Resources (Downloadable)

Beginner/Intermediate Students: This class walks you through everything you should need to know to develop your own painting process.

Experienced Students: This class breaks down the various approaches to creating a piece of art in watercolor and visits the idea of using black as well as opaque watercolor in the medium.

The class is broken down into three sections:

  1. Foundational Concepts

  2. Preparing to Paint

  3. The Five Painting Processes

The first half of the course examines foundational topics that relate specifically to the watercolor painting process, to include a comparison of transparency and opacity and how that relates to layering the paint. Concepts are reinforced through hands-on activities.

The second half begins with a walk through of the preparatory stages of a painting, such as the underdrawing and color planning. Students then choose a simple composition and paint the same piece using each of the five methods. In this way, students can see and experience how each version impacts the results.

To close out the class, students are asked to create a formal painting using their preferred process method and a composition of their choice. The goal is for students to discover what they feel is a process that best meets their personality and painting style.

Throughout the course, students are guided step-by-step through each stage and are given hands-on activities to reinforce the concepts. There are over four hours of course lecture, and over fifteen student activities and multiple helpful handouts.

  • Course Introduction

  • SECTION 1: Foundational Concepts

    • How Watercolors Are Used

    • The Five Process Methods

    • Process Methods Quiz Review

    • Introduction to the Rules

    • Rule 1: Light-to-Dark Activity

    • Rule 2: Loose to Detailed

    • Rule 3: Horizontal vs Vertical

    • Rule 4: Transparent vs Opaque

    • Opacity on Paper

    • Opaque Watercolor vs Gouache

    • Masters of Opacity

    • Introduction to Layering

    • Circles Activity

    • Mango Activity

  • SECTION 2: Preparing to Paint

    • Introduction to Part Two

    • Inspiration-Composition

    • The Underdrawing

    • Dry Medium Test

    • Transferring the Image

    • Surface Preparation

    • The Color Plan

    • The Color Sketch 

  • SECTION 3: The Five Painting Processes​

    • Alla Prima Painting

    • Layered-Direct Painting

    • Layered-Mixed Painting

    • Sectional Painting

    • Creative Painting

  • SECTION 4: The Final Project

    • The Final Project

    • Closing Remarks

Course Outline

Lecture Preview: Rule 2: Loose to Detailed

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Watercolor Paints
Watercolor Paints

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