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The Oil Painting Process

Course Trailer and Images

I recommend watching the trailer as it give you a good overview of what to expect.

About the Class

"This is an amazing course…This course has filled in all the gaps of knowledge that we know exist but don't know where or how to find the answers. This is THE foundational course we have all wanted and searched for.“ - Josh F.

Beginners: This course will give you a clear understanding of how artists build a long-lasting oil painting, to include alternate approaches to the process. It is also meant to help make the medium more approachable for individuals who feel oil painting is a bit intimidating.

Experience Painters: For some reason, the oil painting world has confusing information - multiple definitions for certain terms and a multitude of opinions on "the right process." This video offers you clarity and a simplification of those options. It should fill in any possible gaps in your knowledge base.

  • Nearly 5 hours of Video Content

  • Over 40 Student Resources (Downloadable)

This is an extremely comprehensive online painting class with a focus on the construction of an oil painting and the process of layering paint, rather than actual brushwork and design. To truly master oil painting, it’s important to have a strong foundation and to thoroughly understand your materials and their proper usage. You have to know how to build a sound substructure or base, and then apply the paints in such a way as to ensure decades of life for the painting.

This course takes you, step-by-step, through topics such as supports, sizing, grounds, an imprimatura, the underdrawing, the underpainting, upper layers of paint, and varnish. Each layer is explained thoroughly and clearly, and then followed up with related demonstrations so you can follow along at home.

  • Taking this Course

  • The Preparatory Layers

    • Introduction to Supports

    • Rigid Supports

    • Flexible Supports

    • Solid Wood Option

    • Sizing

    • Sizing Demonstration

    • Mounting Canvas to Board or Panel

    • Grounds

    • Acrylic Ground Demonstration

    • Oil Ground Demonstration

    • Colored Ground Demonstration

    • Imprimatura

    • Imprimatura Demonstration

  • Preparing for the Upper Layers

    • The Underdrawing

    • Underdrawing Demonstration

    • Understanding Oil Paint

    • Understanding Layering

  • The Upper Layers

    • The Underpainting

    • Value Underpaintings

    • Blocked Underpaintings

    • The Upper Layers of Paint

    • Upper Layer I - Value Demonstration

    • Upper Layer II Value Demonstration

    • Upper Layer I - Blocked Demonstration

    • Upper Layer II - Blocked Demonstration

    • Upper Layers - Master Examples

    • Varnish

    • Final Review

Course Outline

Lecture Preview: Imprimatura

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