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Understanding Color

Course Trailer and Images

I recommend watching the trailer as it give you a good overview of what to expect.

About the Class

"Great information presented in a clear manner, great visuals to support it, and an extremely chill and non-intimidating style by the instructor." - Kim R

  • Over 3 Hours of Video Lessons

  • 33 Student Resources (Downloadable)

Applicable to artists and photographers of any skill or experience level.

Imagine the world without color and you’ll soon realize the importance of this topic. In art, color is often what attracts people to a painting to begin with, and it's part of what gives the artwork a sense of emotion. In order to know how to use color, you first have to truly understand it. This class takes you through the science and history of color and then guides you through a close-up look at color strategies used by the Masters.

Once a foundation is established, you learn how to build a painting palette and select paints. I then demonstrate color mixing methods, including a discussion on color matching and color value. The course ends with several hands-on activities meant to solidify the concepts learned. All of this is explored through over three hours of lecture and multiple student activities. This is one of the most comprehensive color theory courses available.


  • What is Color?

    • What is Color?

    • How We See Color

    • Color Models

    • Experiencing Color

    • The Emotion of Color

  • Color Strategies

    • Color Strategies

    • Master Strategies

    • Master Strategies Quiz

    • Master Color Placement I

  • Color & Paints

    • The Painting Palette

    • Paint Colors

    • Color Temperature

    • Color Mixing

    • Color Value

    • Color Matching

  • Putting it All Together​

    • Master Color Placement II​

    • Painting Activity I

    • Painting Activity II

    • Final Project

    • Wrapping Up

Course Outline

Lecture Preview: Emotion & Color

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Watercolor Paints
Watercolor Paints

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