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Subscription or Single Purchases


    Every month
    Purchase access to all classes
    Valid for 12 months+ 3 day free trial
    • Monthly subscription
    • Unlimited access to ALL classes
    • Free cancellation within 72 hours of purchase
  • Mechanics

    Purchase of the Mechanics class only
    • Unlimited access to The Mechanics of Watercolor Painting
    • Use coupon code LEARN23M to save 70%
  • Watercolor Process

    Purchase of the Watercolor Process class only.
    • Unlimited access to The Watercolor Process course
    • Use coupon code LEARN23WC to save 70%
  • Foundations

    Purchase of the Foundations class only
    • Unlimited access to Watercolor Foundations Course
    • Use coupon code LEARN23F to save 70%
  • Oil Painting

    Purchase of the Oil Painting Process class only
    • Unlimited access to The Oil Painting Process
    • Use coupon code LEARN23O to save 70%
  • Color

    Purchase of the Understanding Color class only
    • Unlimited access to Understanding Color
    • Use coupon code LEARN23C to save 70%
  • Composition

    Purchase of the Landscape Composition class only
    • Unlimited access to Landscape Composition
    • Use coupon code LEARN23L to save 70%
  • Brush Agility

    Purchase of the Brush Agility class only
    • Unlimited access to Brush Confidence course
    • Use coupon code LEARN23B to save 70%
  • Brushstrokes I

    Purchase of Brushstrokes I class only
    • Unlimited access to Mastering Brushstrokes I
    • Use coupon code LEARN23BS1 to save 70%
  • Brushstrokes II

    Purchase of Brushstrokes II class only
    • Unlimited access to Mastering Brushstrokes II
    • Use coupon code LEARN23BS2 to save 70%


Frequently asked questions about the pricing plans

What is the Cancelation Policy? Once you sign up for the monthly subscription ($10.99/mo) you can cancel within 72 hours of purchase. That is to give students a chance to experience my teaching style and see if it works for them. After the 72-hour mark, it is a commitment of one year so it can cover the expense of the various classes. The plan gives you access to all current classes, plus any additional classes that I release within that year. I usually put out 1-2 classes each year. I do ask student on the subscription plan to fulfill the full year, but I completely understand when situations arise. A student simply has to email me and request cancelation should they need to stop the subscription plan early.

Do the classes include activities and handouts? All classes include hands-on activities to varying degrees. My Foundations for Mastering Watercolor Painting class is the only one that is more limited in activities, as it's heavily based on lectures and information presentation. But all other classes have a great number of activities for students to do, where they practice various skills that I demonstrate. The Student Resources are basically handouts that go along with each activity. These are PDF or JPEG files that you can print and keep with you to guide you through the activities. In some cases, they may be handouts with special links, reference images for painting, or cue cards to print and keep with you.

Is the Subscription Plan discounted? If you choose the 1-year subscription plan at 12.99/month that is actually discounted slightly. Each class is valued at approximately $49.99 but when discounted 70% as it is now that brings the price down to approximately $15/each. Nine classes at $15 equals approximately $135. On the subscription plan at 12.99 for 12 months that equals approximately $155 but it also includes access to any new classes I release in that year, and I normally release approximately one per year.

Do Single-Course discounts change? Each class has its own individual discount code that changes periodically throughout the year, but there will always be some kind of discount available. It should be listed on the PURCHASE CLASSES page or on each class information page near the bottom.

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